Why Use a Print Broker

Many people and businesses are unaware of what Print brokers do and what the value is to them and/or to their business. Some of the key benefits are having a go-to all-in-one-stop for all your printing needs. Print brokers can often offer a more cost-effective solution to businesses by offering printers who offer the best prices. Also, efficiency of processing complex orders by having access to several printers that specialize in different areas of print can help reduce turnaround times.

Print Brokers Offer Efficiency and Breadth of Solutions

A print broker can help companies find the best printing company to suit their needs. Print brokers represent a variety of print shops and are, thus, able to quickly tailor solutions to their clients in an efficient manner by quickly gathering the appropriate resources required. Print brokers have actually been around for some time. In fact, they have proven to be so successful in serving their customers that many of the most successful businesses in the industry have no printing presses of their own.

With as thoroughly as they represent the entire printing industry, in many ways print brokers are the ultimate one-stop printing companies.

Print Brokers Help to Conserve Resources

In the same way that other commodities such as insurance, pensions, or mortgages can be brokered, so too can print. A company may traditionally buy business cards from one supplier, brochures from another, and large-format graphics from yet another, but if that company were to hire a print broker to purchase all of that for them they could conserve their resources and save time.

Print Brokers Provide Wider Range of Printer Products and Services

The printing industry is so varied and diverse that no one company could ever hope to cover the entire market. A print broker would take a number of trade-only suppliers with diverse services able to serve the entire market and present a package as a complete printing solution. One could say that a print broker is like a management company that represents the entire printing industry.

Hiring a print broker can be beneficial to companies in many ways. Print brokers scour the market to find the best deals for their customers, and with their large and diverse supply chain they can address all their printing needs. They can keep prices down by using trade-only suppliers as opposed to their own printing companies and equipment and keep low overheads of their own, and the fact that they don’t produce their own merchandise with their own equipment means that they are environmentally friendly as well.